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 Novotny's Personal Property Appraisal Services

 in Los Angeles will properly understand your appraisal needs and objectives. He will  conduct an appropriate scope of work to solve the problem you presented. He will provide the type of report you need which will be an independent, competent and ethical appraisal report, written or oral, 

which will be properly developed, 

relevant to intended use, 

meaningful,  easy to understood

and compliant with applicable appraisal standards


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Antiques Appraiser Most Property Types

William M. Novotny, ISA AM
AQB Certified USPAP Instructor
Personal property appraiser

Knowledge and experience matter.

  Novotny has priced or valued most types of personal property, within all market levels, for over 38 years.  

He bought and sold in multiple retail locations from 1979 to 1999. He was  been active in the orderly liquidation market (auctions or estate sales) for 38 years, and has witnessed the changing markets for objects. 

 Novotny's Personal Property Appraisal Services in Los Angeles will address your valuation needs professionally and with competence, integrity and impartiality. 

Personal Property Appraisal Reports

The personal property appraiser must meaningfully and appropriately communicate assignment results. 

All reports, (oral or formal) must be properly understood by intended users and relevant to intended use. 

Appraisers should conform with the

Uniform Standards Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) Novotny is an AQB Certified USPAP Instructor Find out More!

38 Years of Market Experience


Connoisseurship and Valuation 

Novotny seeks to understand the marketplace for all types of objects in the vast universe of movable personal property, antiques and collectibles

(except for coins, stamps and jewelry). 

Markets change over time. There are multiple markets. Objects frequently have more than one market. 

Demand must be established to determine  the relevant  market to research (based upon intended use). 

The appraiser's objective is to identify and research  the appropriate market based on  market accessibility, demand and the value definition that applies.

Since 1979 Novotny has bought, sold, traded and appraised common and rare objects. This helps him understand the unique quality and value characteristics that determine good, better and best for your property. His knowledge comes from experience and  daily study.   

Competency and Ethics Matter

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Oral appraisals of a single item, or complete residential contents, should be worthy of belief, properly understood and complete. Novotny specializes in complete residential contents oral appraisals. 

He provides a written "Oral Appraisal Report Disclosures" form to ensure his oral appraisal is properly understood. FIND OUT MORE

Novotny is experienced with most TYPES OF ASSIGNMENTS which can often be complex.

He is also experienceS with most personal PROPERTY TYPES


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